Talent Levels

Talent Levels Offered with Spa and Salon Services


Receiving your SalonSpa experiences from a Fresh Talent LifeStylist will keep your bill to a minimum, while your experience meets the high standards of Asha SalonSpa. Carefully selected for their methodical skills and professionalism, Fresh Talent Lifestylist have successfully completed various innovative trainings and are committed to giving the highest level of service and experience to each guest.


A Carefully chosen LifeStylist continuing to develop their artistry in all techniques. Their pledge to ongoing education keep them at the forefront of new techniques & developments in the industry. Natural Talent LifeStylist bring a rich aptitude to our environment and act as advisors for the Fresh Talent LifeStylist. Emerging Natural talent team members are specialists in all of Asha SalonSpa & AVEDA’s lifestyle commitments.


Seasoned Talent LifeStylist’s are well established in their careers and undisputable in their talents.  They have pursued advanced education and continue to reach both their goals and the high standard set by Asha SalonSpa and AVEDA.  They are tested professionals who demonstrate a guarantee to ongoing learning, keeping them on the cutting edge of advanced techniques as well as contemporary trends. In the SalonSpa environment, Season Talent LifeStylist assist with the inspiration of team members by setting examples and mentoring.


Our most experienced and advanced Lifestylists in our SalonSpa. They are hand selected and well-known in the community for their work, have exceeded rigorous goals and met extreme education and skill demands.  These Lifestylists are leaders and artistically guide the entire team spiritually and vocationally. These are the most sought-after LifeStylist in the SalonSpa not only because of their advanced education level but also because of their well-known reputation in the community and unsurpassed technical skills. They are the most sought-after LifeStylist’s because of their top tiered training and revolutionary talent.

Additionaly Talent Levels Offered Only with Salon Services


A recent graduate currently undergoing our intense our extensive training program. During this period, they are continuously assisting certified Asha SalonSpa educators in order to learn advanced skills, improve speed and learn our detailed Asha SalonSpa techniques, all while servicing their own guests on a limited schedule.


Artistic Directors have been certified in all of Asha SalonSpa Leadership & Educational training. They have reached rigorous goals, completed multiple hours of continuing advanced education and are prudently prepared to mentor and educate others through the Asha SalonSpa Educators program. Creative and sophisticated, Artistic Directors often hold Leadership positions within the SalonSpa and are accountable for certifying our advanced education specialists as well as organizing all continuing education for the entire enterprise.